The original Dong Xuan appeared after her new love affair was exposed. She was elegant and fashionable in her white lace dress. Her face didn't look like a 41 year old - 最高赔率彩票平台


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The original Dong Xuan appeared after her new love affair was exposed. She was elegant and fashionable in her white lace dress. Her face didn't look like a 41 year old

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The original title: Dong Xuan appeared after her new love affair was exposed. She was elegant and fashionable in her white lace dress. Her face didn't look like a 41 year old man

Dong Xuan is a child goddess of the post-90s generation. Her previous film snow flower dragon has been popular all over the country, which is also the first martial arts drama starring Dong Xuan in the performing arts circle. After that, of course, she also had many other works, but her popularity was not as good as the first one. In 2011, the goddess married Gao Yunxiang, and they held a wedding ceremony in Beijing. In 2016, their daughter was born in a dimple. Dong Xuan rarely took part in the drama after they got married and had children. Originally, he thought that the goddess would have a happy life.

However, he didn't expect that Gao Yunxiang had been involved in sexual assault for a long time. It took more than a year for Dong Xuan to divorce Gao Yunxiang and help him fight a lawsuit. In the end, Gao Yunxiang was acquitted of foreign sexual assault, but the original form of his infidelity was true to life. Dong Xuan finally chose to divorce. Now Dong Xuan lives alone with her daughter's dimple, but the recently unmarried goddess Yi seems to have a new recommendation code for fast three betting platform. Some time ago, some media photographed Dong Xuan and a young male fresh meat on a date.

Later, it was found that Dong Xuan's rumored boyfriend was an actor named Su Youding. They had been photographed with the recommendation code of kuaishan betting platform more than once. In addition to holding hands, on July 31, the two were photographed in the same frame in front of and behind each other. In the picture, the two men were dressed in white coats, like lovers' clothes, and then they went home in a van. Yi seems to have lived together. Many netizens and fans have prayed for Dong Xuan's new love affair, hoping that the goddess can enjoy the happiness. Now she is in love.

Dong Xuan recently made his first public appearance after the exposure of the new love affair of

. On August 3, the goddess wore a white lace dress, with a ball head and a pair of dark shoes of high rigidity. I looked forward to elegance, gentleness, simplicity and fashion all my childhood. The young white lace skirt has been withdrawn from the avant-garde circle in foreign countries. Of course, in the hearts of many people, this kind of skirt is often popular, even has the feeling of planting soil. But in fact, a lot of young stars will wear them. The beauty of female stars is one in a hundred Li, so they can control many styles and elements.


lace white dress is the right piece for Dong Xuan, a 35 + mature woman. Although the lace skirt is only white, it has strong layers, full of white lace prints all over the body, and the shoulder has stitching design, which adds a bit of sweetness to the elegance and knowledge. The neckline is a long V-neck design, mysteriously delayed the neck, showed the clavicle, at the same time, the chest is also looming, bringing a little bit of young sexy. The sleeves are designed with short sleeves, which are cool and not fat. The short sleeve lace skirt is more comfortable to control than the long sleeve lace skirt, and the bare arm is subtle and advanced.

The waist of

is shortened, which shows the young waist lightly. The skirt is natural and covers the young belly. People with a little width of crotch and young belly wear this kind of high waist skirt, which is very good for covering flesh and evil fruit. The length of the lace white skirt is just growing. At the knee position, it is calm and does not press the height. This kind of medium length lace skirt fabric is very light, with romantic and detached flavor. The dark color shoes on the feet are not high-heeled shoes. The heel height is about 5-6 cm. The goddess is beautiful just like this, which is a bit of exotic hard concave avant-garde feeling.

The hair style of

hair is a common ball head. Dong Xuan's whole hair is coiled, and no bangs are left, showing a full forehead and clearer facial features. At 41 years old, she is well maintained. Her skin is white and smooth, and there are few wrinkles. In this way, she does not look like a 41 year old, looking at the top 30. The Silver Leaf Earrings on her ears are just decorated with small details, but they also delay the shape of her face. Dong Xuan and Tong Liya are different from each other in such a way that they have a high degree of communication in foreign countries.

However, although Dong Xuan on the stage is elegant and elegant, she is actually wearing bolder clothes secretly. These days, she likes to wear a waist revealing dress. On a recent airport look, Dong Xuan wore a dark low waisted T-shirt with dark wide legged pants, and yellow sneakers on his feet, which made me sexy and younger. The open waisted T-shirt shows a large circle of young waist, which is more fashionable. The dark high waist and wide leg pants are meat hiding and add to the atmosphere. Let Dong Xuan such a mature woman young and with a big woman temperament, the young yellow shoes on the feet are clear and aging.

In addition to T-shirts, Dong Xuan also wears suspenders to show off his waist, which is also a dark one. The suspenders are more sexy than T-shirts. They not only show the young waist, but also show the charming collarbone and swan neck. A printed shirt is added to the suspender coat, and colorful butterflies are printed on the shirt. I look forward to being naive and vivid all the time. The lower part of her body is dark blue high waisted jeans and young white shoes. The pants are also relaxed and generous. Dong Xuan's age is even less obvious!

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